No Idea Why You Got A DUI? 3 Steps To Prepare Your Defense

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Even if you always vowed to be responsible and never drive under the influence of an intoxicating substance, you can, unfortunately, still face charges that you never imagined would be an issue. Sadly, DUI charges sometimes do happen to innocent people. Whether you are dealing with an overzealous law enforcement agency or may have inadvertently taken a substance without your knowledge, it is important to protect your reputation by following these three steps as your DUI lawyer helps you prepare a defense.

Provide Your Attorney With The Details Surrounding Your Arrest

It is important to always be honest with your DUI defense lawyer so that they can help you identify the circumstances that might have led to your arrest. During your initial meeting, you may be asked questions to help jog your memory such as whether or not you ate anything before driving that might have contained alcohol such as wine-braised meat or if you had slept much the night before. These types of details may not help you completely clear your charges, but they may help you avoid some of the harshest penalties.

Clean Up Your Social Media Accounts

The last thing you need is to look irresponsible when you appear in court. Check your social media accounts and make sure that you are not connected to any photos that were posted from that night. For instance, being tagged in a friend's group photo of everyone celebrating an event in the restaurant's bar could make it appear as if you were actually partying on that night. Remove any compromising photos from your social media account and set your privacy settings to the highest level so that only the people you approve can see your posts.

Prepare To Comply With Any Agreements

It may not seem fair, but your DUI attorney may encourage you to take a plea agreement that involves actions such as taking a substance abuse class in order to keep the charges off of your record. If you are faced with making an agreement, keep your focus on what works best for your long-term happiness. Then, make sure that you complete any necessary requirements to successfully resolve your case.

Receiving a DUI charge is shocking and embarrassing when driving under the influence is completely out of character for you. While you cannot turn back the hands of time, you can make sure that this does not permanently affect your career or personal reputation by working with your lawyer to prepare your defense. By demonstrating responsibility throughout the process, you will get through this trying time and reduce the fallout on your reputation from a DUI.

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