Why You Should Still Hire A Criminal Lawyer After Being Caught Red-Handed

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Even if you have been caught red-handed committing a crime, you can still benefit from the services of a criminal lawyer. Here are four ways in which the lawyer may help your case even if it seems obvious that you are guilty:

Throwing Out Illegally Obtained Evidence

One of the best services a criminal lawyer can do for you is to scrutinize your case and identify illegally obtained evidence – if there is any. The fact that you were caught red-handed doesn't mean that all the evidence against you was rightfully obtained. For example, if the police officer who caught you committed the crime entered your house without a warrant or probable cause, your lawyer may be able to get the evidence against you thrown out.

Getting You an Alternative Sentence

Even if you are found guilty, a criminal defense lawyer can help you avoid harsh penalties typical of your case. For example, an experienced lawyer may help you get a probation or deferred sentence instead of getting sentenced to jail. The lawyer can even enlist the help of character witnesses to testify on your behalf so that you can get an alternative sentence.

Explaining Mitigative Circumstances

The lawyer can help you represent your case in the best light possible and even make the judge or jury sympathize with your plight. This is especially possible if you have a genuine mitigative factor working on your behalf. For example, it's easier for you to get an alternative or minimum sentence if you were caught shoplifting food for your starving child than if you are caught stealing money for drugs.

Plea Bargaining for a Reduced Charge or Sentence

The criminal justice system is bogged down with cases, and courts are doing everything possible to reduce the load. For example, the prosecution has the authority (with the approval of the judge) to bargain with a criminal suspect and offer a reduced charged or sentence in return for a guilty plea. Plea bargaining, as it is called, benefits both the court and the suspect. For example, it allows the court to dispense with a case without going to trial (saving time and money) and allows the suspect to enjoy reduced penalties. It is much easier for a lawyer to negotiate a plea bargain than for the defendant to do it.

Therefore, the first thing you should do if you are caught committing a crime is to call a lawyer like Cooper & Bayless PA. Lawyering up, as it is called, doesn't mean that you are guilty; instead, it helps to preserve your legal rights.