Three Things To Know About Emotional Abuse

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When people think about domestic violence, they commonly think of physical altercations that take place between partners or spouses — often, as part of a verbal argument. It's important to know, however, that domestic violence isn't just a physical thing. It can also encompass emotional abuse, which can occur in a number of different forms. A criminal charge of domestic violence based solely on emotional abuse might be difficult, but that doesn't mean that emotional abuse is something to take lightly. Here are three things that you should know about this type of abuse.

It Can Escalate Until It's Physical

While there are some people who never move beyond emotionally abusing their partners, others progress to physical violence. If you're in a relationship that has a significant amount of emotional abuse of any kind, you should take it as a warning sign that things could get worse. Your life may already be difficult because of the ongoing emotional abuse, but when things get physical, you can sustain serious injuries that can affect you in many ways. This is one reason that it's important not to put up with emotional abuse.

It's Enough To Get A Restraining Order

Emotional abuse might not seem as serious to the casual onlooker as physical abuse, but you should take it seriously if it's happening to you. Emotional abuse of any type can be enough for you to get a restraining order against your partner. The various conditions of different restraining orders can vary, but this order will generally stipulate that your partner (or your estranged partner) must keep a certain physical distance from you and may not contact you by phone, email, or text message. Obtaining a restraining order when you're going through emotional abuse can be an effective way to make it stop.

You Don't Deserve It

Some people grow so accustomed to emotional abuse that they grow to accept it and may even feel as though they deserve it. For example, if your parents were emotionally abusive to you, you might choose a partner who acts in a similar manner and not feel as though your partner is acting inappropriately. You need to know that no one deserves to endure this form of violence. There are many different resources that you can use to pursue a life without emotional abuse, and contacting a law firm, such as The Law Offices Of Jesse P Duran, that represents victims of domestic violence can be a good place to start.