Three Things To Know About Using An Alcohol Detection Tether

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One of the many punitive measures that you might face after being convicted of driving under the influence of alcohol is having to wear an alcohol detection tether. This is a device that you wear around your ankle, much like a monitor that someone under house arrest wears. The difference is that your apparatus tests your sweat for the presence of alcohol, which can prove your commitment to stay away from drinking as part of the conditions of your court appearance. Here are some things to know about using an alcohol detection tether.

Your DUI Attorney May Push For It

On the surface, the idea of wearing a tether around your ankle as a result of driving under the influence of alcohol may seem like a nuisance. As such, you might be surprised when your DUI attorney recommends this device. What you might not realize is how ideal this device is when compared to other punitive measures. For example, a judge may impose this device on you as an alternative to a hefty fine or even to jail time. Wearing the device is also easier than doing community service. When your DUI attorney goes over this information with you, it may change your view.

It's Effective If You Have A Drinking Problem

A DUI arrest can be a wake-up call that you need to get help for your drinking. It can be easy to fall back into the habit of drinking, even if the court mandates that you stay away from alcohol. A big advantage of wearing an alcohol detection tether is that you cannot drink with this device. If the device detects that you've been drinking, the court may impose serious consequences. For example, if you got the device instead of a hefty fine, you may have to pay the fine if the device indicates that you've been drinking.

You'll Want To Take Measures To Hide It

You probably want to keep the news of your DUI arrest as secret as possible out of embarrassment. This means that you should also endeavor to conceal your alcohol detection tether. Get into the habit of wearing clothing that will cover the device, and remember that it could be visible if you sit with your legs crossed. You may need to avoid things such as pool parties and beach visits while you wear the monitor, but doing so will be necessary to keeping your news from other people. Talk to your DUI attorney to know more about this device.