Black Friday Madness: Personal Injuries Of The Insane Sort

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In just a few weeks, "Black Friday" will arrive. That one day a year when every store decides to bust out the most insane of holiday shopping deals and open at crazy hours is also the day when people forget to restrain themselves. Every year, there is a new horror story about punching, kicking, breaking personal property, stomping, stampeding, and crushing people who are in the way of somebody else's shopping agenda. If you end up injured, do you know what to do? This is a personal injury case of the most insane sort, but you can still sue. Here is what you should know in the event that a "Black Friday" incident ever hurts you. 

Assault Is Assault, Period

There is no excuse for the kinds of behavior you see in some people on this shopping day. If it was not for the special sales and deals, it would be like any other day of the year, namely, one where people do not hit or hurt others for fear of being arrested. If you are injured, call the police. If you can, ask a store manager to secure store camera footage of the incident. The police will want to see that with their own eyes. If the assailant has left the store, the police will track him/her down and arrest him/her. Make a point of pressing charges before you go to the emergency room or see a doctor. 

Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer the Following Monday 

It is unlikely that you will find any personal injury lawyer in his/her office the day after Thanksgiving. Most lawyers will take this day off to be with their families and/or travel to see relatives. As long as you have managed your injuries and your assailant has been arrested, finding and hiring a lawyer can wait until Monday. Arrange the earliest possible appointment with a lawyer then. 

Consider Suing the Store If They Did Nothing to Prevent the Incident

If the store manager did not call the police to intervene, or the store manager refused to supply security camera footage of the incident, consider suing the store as well. Both the store and the assailant can be included in your lawsuit for compensation. Just make sure you were not an antagonist or one who hit back. Otherwise, your case may not go well because you got into the fray instead of leaving it.