When To Hire A DWI Lawyer

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If you have recently gotten in trouble with the law for drunk driving, you may be wondering if a DWI lawyer is worth the money. One of the biggest mistakes people make is by waiting too long to hire an attorney. It is your constitutional right to defend yourself, though it may not be the best strategy if you are trying to get the charges dropped. DWI lawyers have the experience and the know-how of working the legal system and can help you to know how to navigate the charges that stand before you. Here are a few extra indicators that you need the help of a lawyer.

Not Your First Offense

Depending on your judge, getting your first DWI dropped can be a challenge. Many judges try to make it harrowing in order to teach you a lesson. Others can teach you a lesson while being understanding of your situation. However, on consecutive DWI offenses, no mercy is ever offered. Talking to a lawyer may help you decide whether it will be better for your case to take a plea bargain or plead your case. 

People Were Injured

If anyone was injured during a DWI it automatically becomes a felony. Felonies are extremely hard to fight and you will definitely not want to go at it alone. A felony could result in up to 12 months in prison, even if this was just your first offense. Do not take a felony lightly. 

Possible Issues With Case

If you feel like proper protocol was not taken when you were arrested or booked, your attorney may be able to get your case thrown out. For example, there have been times when officers forgot to read people their Miranda rights, which has resulted in the charges being dropped. If you are suspicious that your rights may have been hindered during your process, talk to a lawyer immediately. Some people try to fight this on their own but are unable to find evidence or proof that an injustice has been committed. Getting a case thrown out is easier to do with a lawyer. 

In conclusion, hiring a DWI lawyer greatly improves your odds in court. While some people just accept that a DWI will be on their record, they may lose their license, or they will have to use an interlock ignition device, others choose to fight. Call a DWI attorney near you to start fighting for your rights today.