Key Reasons To Hire A Criminal Lawyer Before Your Arraignment

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After you are arrested for a crime, you can expect to be arraigned in a matter of days, if not hours, depending on the city, county, or state. This hearing is crucial because it allows you to enter a plea for the crime for which you are accused and also find out if you can be released from jail before your next court appearance.

You need this hearing to go in your favor, particularly if you want to avoid paying a huge bond or sitting in jail for weeks or months, if not longer. You can advocate for yourself before and during your arraignment by hiring an experienced criminal lawyer to represent you.

Deciding How to Plea

When you have a criminal lawyer on retainer prior to your arraignment, you can decide how you want to plea during that hearing. You might assume that the police have overwhelming evidence against you that can lead to an overwhelming conviction. This assumption might want to make you plead guilty during your arraignment. However, your criminal lawyer can find out what kind of evidence that the prosecutor and law enforcement have against you and decide if you have enough cause to plead not guilty. Your attorney can advise you on what kind of plea to enter during your arraignment and may even recommend that you plead not guilty if the evidence against you is weak and not convincing.

Explaining the Bail Process

Your criminal lawyer can also explain the bail process to you so you know when and how to post bail if the arraignment judge sets it for you. You might assume that you have to post the full bail right away to get out of jail and go home. However, depending on the judge and evidence against you, you may be allowed to post a cash bond or even get released on your own recognizance. Your criminal lawyer can explain how to post your bail or bond as quickly as possible, however. They may even be able to recommend what bail bonds agencies to contact and what kind of collateral to put up to secure your bond.

An experienced criminal lawyer can provide you with important legal services. They can recommend what kind of plea to enter during your arraignment hearing. They can also explain the bail process and recommend what bail agencies to contact for bail. For more information, contact a local criminal lawyer near you to learn more.