Did You Get A DUI When Someone Crashed Into You? What To Do

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There are a lot of different things that can happen when you have a drink or two and you get behind the wheel. If you were in a small fender bender because of poor driving from the other driver that was involved in the accident, and now you may be facing DUI charges for an incident that occurred because of the other driver's fault, you want to hire a lawyer. Here are some of the things that you'll have to hope for, so you can get the charges either dropped or reduced.

Inaccurate Instruments

The equipment that is used at the site to determine if someone has been drinking is called a breathalyzer machine, and these have to be calibrated every so often to be sure that they work properly. If the unit that was used to determine your blood alcohol level was past the date when it needed to be calibrated, your lawyer will work to get that piece of evidence thrown out so it can't be used against you while fighting the charges.

Video Evidence

If there is video evidence that shows that the accident was all caused by the other person and that your driving or state when the accident took place had nothing to do with what happened, your lawyer may use this to get the charges lowered or eliminated. Video evidence could come from business security cameras, overhead traffic light monitors, or even from an ATM machine. These videos could end up greatly impacting your case.

Plea Deal

The lawyer may look at your case and think that there is no way to get out of the charges, so it's best to try to go for a plea deal instead of trying to get around the charges. This means that you plead guilty to a charge that is less than what you are facing, knowing what your punishment will be for the crime. This can end up working greatly in your favor if you want to cooperate.

There are a lot of different paths that your DUI attorney can take to try to get you out of the charges once you have been in an accident and you were drinking, an if you weren't the one who caused the accident you want to fight. Talk with a lawyer right away to find out what steps you need to take, and to go over your case.